The Tel Aviv Scrabble® Club

Club Director: Evan Cohen


In Memoriam Jayne (Iris) Robinson Z"L

History: The Tel-Aviv Scrabble? Club in its present format was opened in late November 1998. Averaging about a dozen players a week at the time, often fewer, the club gradually began to grow, and we currently average 25-30 players on any given Monday. Click here for a brief history of our club.

Venue: The club meets every Monday at 19:00 at the International Chess Centre on Tagore 26. Play begins at 19:15 sharp (it's essential to arrive before then to be paired for the first game). Click here for a map.
Players: Whether you are a beginner or an expert - you will feel quite at home in our friendly club, as we have several players at all levels of play. Previous club or tournament experience is not a prerequisite! Just show up on time. Click here to read about our members.

Format: There are three divisions in the club. Twelve of our top players compete in the Aardvark Division and the rest compete in two divisions according to their level of play: Twelve players in Madoqua, the intermediate division, and the rest in Zyzzyva, the third division. New players automatically join Zyzzyva after 12 games. We play 3 games an evening. The pairings are done by the club director according to a player's record and experience - i.e. you'll be playing 3 games with three different people at your level of play.

If you have any further questions, suggestions or comments, don't hesitate to email me. Hope to see you soon!


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